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bulbs being eaten


By Tinad

Canada Ca

my spring bulbs are being eaten at night by wildlife (deer are in the immediate area), how can i prevent it. -- the leaves are up but they haven't flowered yet.



The only way to stop deer is by a high fence, unless guns are legal in your area.

17 Apr, 2009


you can bye a motion detecter from tropical fish shops with an alarm silent to our ears but very high pitched these days or try putting human hair from a barbers in old tites and put them round your perimiter descretly.wildlife hate the smell of humans.

17 Apr, 2009


NP deer don't give a fig about humans... a village near where we live has a huge problem with deer wandering around in the day time eating the plants in the gardens, pulling up the bulbs etc. and... blocking the traffic. Wild deer are scared of humans the ones that visit gardens regularly don't give a fig! My office used to be near the village I'm talking about and had a raised bed with small bulbs etc. a friend told me they'd seen a roe deer standing there yanking out the bulbs and tossing them...

17 Apr, 2009


ow if that happend id feed the deer lol my sister used to feed squirrals at her patio door it was to make the best of a bad thing.getting a dog would work

17 Apr, 2009

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