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Would it be alright to plant a Cherry Tree (grows to 15ft tall) in a large tub?.



Yes it will be ok, the tree height will be restricted by the pot size. I grew a flowering cherry in a large pot 18" across and 24" tall. Use John Innes No3, not multipurpose compost and make sure it is kept well watered and gets a feed as it will soon exhaust the nutrients in the compost.

I kept mine growing like this for 4 years before I planted it in the garden I had. The tree will be ok.

9 Mar, 2012


many things are possible my friend has an adult giant sacoya thats 3` tall in a pot with the rest of his 50 or so bonzei . the bigger the pot thow the happier the tree as bonzei need reguler attention .

9 Mar, 2012


Unless you have a very large garden a big tub is the best place for a cherry tree. There are 3 cherries just down the road from us and they need tree surgeon attention every other year to keep them under control.

9 Mar, 2012


you can cheat and cut the bottem out of your pot so it looks like its in it but it can still put its tap roots down etc . i hav a 6` tall weeping cherry that would be ideal . in the 14 years ive had it its just got bushier and thicker . it was know shorter when i baught it for 310 . WHAT A BARGAIN . THE GARDEN CENTRE I GOT it from is closed which is a shame . i went one day with a weeping tree in mind and as i walked out the back i sore a couple looking over the best bye far cherry tree out of the lot . they hummed and hard for ages so i just paid at the till and went and said excuse me and took it from under there nose lol . i guess if you snooze you lose lol . its on one of my blogs of my back garden if youd like to look .

9 Mar, 2012


£10 sorry lol .

9 Mar, 2012

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