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Perigord Vert, France Fr

We have just built a wooden pergola with a table underneath to provide a shady place to sit and I'd like to plant grapevines over it (we are in France). Can anyone advise if they are OK for this purpose as I worry they may attract bees and be a nuisance.



They will be fine. Anything that flowers will attract insects. anything that has fruit may attract wasps. But on the whole a grape vine sounds ideal.

What about also getting a Jasmin for early evening scent when you are sat there in the evening's.

10 Apr, 2009


ornamentle grape vine is realy nice with realy big leaves but not very big fruit if any so it may suit your purpas

10 Apr, 2009


Thank you both. A jasmin is a good idea for the eveings too, thanks. Will post a photo once they're growing!

10 Apr, 2009


I'd go with a normal vine so you get some grapes to eat too

10 Apr, 2009


Many outdoor cafes on the continent use grapevines to shade the terraces so I would not expect there to be a problem with insects - the customers would have complained.

10 Apr, 2009


Yes I already have two grapevines, only two years old and they both had grapes on last year. I have some cuttings from them which are budding. Would it be best to keep them until next year before planting out and just buy a new one for the pergola?

10 Apr, 2009


i still say less friut less insects

11 Apr, 2009

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