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I've seen a lot of pictures recently showing garden birds feeding from fat balls still enclosed in their nylon mesh. I thought this was quite dangerous because the birds might get trapped?



Yes, I always remove the netting as it is likely to trap their little claws.

8 Jan, 2012


Best to remove the netting and put them in a wire mesh cage as if you leave them in just the netting then your neighbourhood squirrels will run off with them.

8 Jan, 2012


So do I Ginellie..the netting can be lethal for them.

8 Jan, 2012


We always remove the netting and put them in a cage - the starlings have now worked out how to hang on to this...

8 Jan, 2012


your apserlutly wright its just good old missinformation .

8 Jan, 2012


I take the nets of too! I also agree with MG...those pesky starlings manage to hang on to the smallest of wire cages now!
Also bought one of those suet rolls - it seems to be preferred by the smallest birds and the starlings are kept amused elsewhere they leave this alone :)

9 Jan, 2012

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