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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone,

I live in Bristol and I was wondering if spring is coming early, I have summer flowering clematas shooting all over the place and one of them has a flower bud on, also one of my hydrangeas has had a flower on it since November even though the leaves have fell now and my californian lilac has a lovely flower on it too, my clematis montana has 1 flower bud and our fern has a few new shoots beginning to uncurl. Also when is the best time to transplant a magnolia grandiflora and a rhodedendrum. Thanks.



The weather has been very mild hence the plants are completely confused as to which season it is. Remember we could still get hard winter weather in the next six weeks.

Now is as good a time as any to move your rhododendron, make sure you get a good size rootball and, unless your ground is as sodden as ours, water well.

If your magnolia is small and with a trunk of less than 10cm in diameter now is also a good time to move but if it is a large established magnolia there is a good chance it will die as they don't like being moved. If you have to move regardless then make sure you get a very large root ball and, again, water in well. You will likely lose the flowering buds for the year.

7 Jan, 2012


i agree with Moon_grower there, the Magnolia i would only move if there was no other choice as they really don't like to be moved..

7 Jan, 2012

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