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My olive trees leaves have turned brown

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My olive tree has done so well over the last few years but this year its leaves have gone brown it looks as though its drying out? it could have been because of the cold frost and snow we had? its it a pot, is it possible the pot is too small. Also for the first time we have fruit on it, could that have had anything to do with it?

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HI Welcome to GOY. I think it is most likely frost, it will probably start to shoot again but if it was in a pot there is a greater risk of damage to the roots. So repot and chevk that the roots are alive, if scraped they should show white . The fact that it fruited was possibly because it was filling the pot , treating trees harshly often makes them flower and fruit m ore than normal. Nature's way of trying to keep the species survival. The individual is of little acccount it is the species that must continue. Nature is a hard Mistress.

4 Apr, 2009

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