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By Janpan

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I am a new member to your site and i have found you all to be so helpfull, Thank you. However i have yet another question the reason for all these questions is i have never been a gardener untill last year and i just love it. I have found that i spent a lot of money on plants last year and one of them was a Fuchsia of which i think was a Mrs popple, it had flower like that one anyway. I bought two that was quite large, anyway i just left them out in the garden all winter with no protection and i think they have died, should they be showing signs of life by now, as there is no sign of new shoots, infact no green on them at all. Do i need to buy new ones or is there any hope.



Hi there Janpan and welcome to GOY!
~I have about 100 small ones in pots that I am waiting to see if they are alive or gone with about another 70 showing signs of growth. Iif you can cut into a branch and see a faint trace of green in the middle it is still alive and kicking~however last year was very cold and they recommend some protection in such extreme conditions~you could have wrapped in fleece and mulched the roots for instance~I think you can safely give it a bit longer as some just seem to come back from the dead!
I have been growing fuchsias for years and not had such a cold winter as we just had so this year will be taking more care of the new ones I will be buying.
Hope they survive!

4 Apr, 2009


I love Mrs Popple to bits and this afternoon I blew her a kiss as I walked by - something caught my eye and, wonder of wonders she is showing me a new shoot right at the bottom of the stem! My day is complete!

4 Apr, 2009


According to where you live, fuchsias will not be showing any signs of growth just yet. I am in Berkshire and my Mrs Popple has only just shown signs of regrowth at the base. There is still plenty of time for it to start

4 Apr, 2009


My fuschias are just and i mean just starting to show signs of life, (i am in Lincolnshire) if you scrape down a stem with your nail (just a little bit) if its green it'll be ok. Put some photos on when they are green!! Nice to meet you!

4 Apr, 2009


Hi Janpan - My Mrs Popples are just only starting to shoot in SW England. Despite the sometimes pretty cold winter, even the ones in tubs seem to have survived! (Certainly not due to any TLC they got from me!!) The recent cold winds won't be helping, either.

4 Apr, 2009


Mrs Popple is hardy - mine is just, just showing tiny green shoots right at the base, as are the other hardy ones.

4 Apr, 2009

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