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growing sweetpea

mid glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! Im growing sweetpea on the window sill in paper cups and they r all growing at different rates...I have 22... there r 2 there about 2 inches with 4 leaves on, do I put those out in the cold frame 2 harden off and just wait for the others to catch up. When do I plant them in their final position as ive never grown from seed b4.



Hi, i am also growing sweet peas in paper tubes and mine are also at different heights, mine are in the garage at moment hardening off, so i hope to plant mine outside in the coming weeks, when this spell of cold weather leaves us, they are hardy so should be ok, but remember to put canes in the ground for them to climb up, you will have to tie them in at bottom to give them a start, good luck.

28 Mar, 2009


Yes, agree with Strokestow........only don't forget about slugs and snails as they will be a feast for them! Whichever control method you use, use it right away!

28 Mar, 2009


When they get to about 4-6" high pinch the top off of them. This will ensure strong bushy growth. Also plant youre paper tubes straight into the ground as they will degrade and the plant will thrive.

Make sure you have something for them to grow up, wether it be canes, poles, wigwam or other tall shrubs. I live in Hampshire and half of mine are already in the ground outside.

When they flourish you can pic the long flower stalks and put them in the house in vase or a jam jar etc..

Dont let them go to seed as this puts all the plants energy into seed production rather than flowers, so pick off the seed pods.

Enjoy them sweet peas are fantastic.

28 Mar, 2009

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