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We chopped down a couple of large conifers that had overgrown their space and had the stumps ground out. I'm trying to plant new stuff in their place, but about 6-10 inches below the surface of the soil have found massive roots (as thick as my wrist) and the huge base of the stump. My question is, can I plant around this or will it impede the growth of new plants etc? So should all the roots be dug out, or will they gradually disintegrate? Also in my ignorance I'm not sure if the conifer can grow back from the remaining roots/stump - is that possible? Any advice gratefully received, thanks.



No, won't grow back, but of more interest is the fact you had them ground out, yet still have a stump left. I'd check with whoever did the grinding out because that job should mean the stump's gone, and some of the major roots, down to a depth of 2 feet. If the stump's still there, the job's not been done properly, and if it isn't done properly, you're stuck with planting in between large roots and hoping for the best. They will rot down, but they take years.

19 Nov, 2011


Bamboo is right. I occasionally work with a tree surgeon, and this sounds like a poor grinding out job. I would challenge the job done.

19 Nov, 2011


if you have know joy however just dig in as much decent topsoil and or fertiliser as you can between the roots and the plants should grow ok . the conifers will have used up all the goodness in the soil leaving it dry and sandy . got to be said sounds like a bad job as said above .ps no the tree wont regrow as some weeds will so its not a silly question . a question is only easy if you know the answer .

20 Nov, 2011


Thanks for your answers, much appreciated.

21 Nov, 2011


your more than welcome linda xx

21 Nov, 2011

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