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By Spetz

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I have a plant in the garden which is 8 feet high i want to know what it is and do i cut it back it the one in the picture with yellow flowers.

I have just been told by my neighbour it looks like a pereniall it is poss.




Could it be some kind of verbascum or mullein?

12 Oct, 2011


That's what it looks like to me, as well.

12 Oct, 2011


It is probably Verbascum thapus, can be considered a weed. As it is a biennial it will die off on its own. It could be a nuisance if it is allowed to seed around but if you like it collect some of the seed and sow it in a controlled manner.

12 Oct, 2011


Yes its a verbascum. You dont need to do anything . It will die back naturally in autumn and when it is finished cut it back then. If you like it collect some seeds and grow some more.

12 Oct, 2011

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