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sorry for all the questions but will it be OK to add LOB worms to my garden ;-(( I'm confused



'Lob worms' are a fishermans name for the big fat earthworms. No harm at all in adding them to the garden.

6 Oct, 2011


BUT you are obviously not taking any notice of the answers to your first two questions on this same topic. If your soil has no earth worms it is because it is impoverished and needs lots of good organic material and compost dug into it. You can add worms until you are blue in the face but, as Bamboo has already told you, if you have impoverished soil they will either die or disappear off elsewhere to a spot that has lots of good food for them. You need to sort out your soil then the earth worms will appear naturally AND we've already told you this twice... Sorry if you don't like our advice but continually asking the same question is not going to get you a different answer.

So to be very, very clear YOU need to dig lots and lots of compost, spent mushroom compost, soil improver into your garden. Once you have done this the worms will appear by themselves.

6 Oct, 2011


I have really poor soil in my garden with no worms, like you.

I started composting my household food scraps last year and i waited about 6 months for it to decompose and added that to my garden, and i also added well rotted horse manure and some shop bought compost. I have spent many hours and lots of sweat to sort out my soil.....
I have noticed that there are now more worms in my garden. But it will take time. My soil is still poor but better.

You have to put the work in, there is no quick fix such as adding worms.

I like how Bamboo explained it in one of your last two questions.... It is like putting fish into a fish bowl with no water in and expecting them to live.

6 Oct, 2011


Yup Funguy you've got it in one... It is only hard work and more hard work that will encourage the worms to live in the soil you are tilling. Think of it this way Dave you have the opportunity to eat from an 'All you can eat' banquet or you can eat a very small portion of food... which line would you be in?

6 Oct, 2011


just keeping your garden and especialy your grass wear lob or earth worms like being about the most as they hate dry soil . all the above aplies there is know easy way . wormsare a good indicater of how healthy your soil is realy .

7 Oct, 2011


good info thanks ;-)

7 Oct, 2011


your welcome .

7 Oct, 2011

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