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Is this a silly question.....???

Being part disabled most of my plants are in containers, my Clematis and Honeysuckle are in 30ltr ones.

Many people say that they grow better planted in the ground.

Would it help if I cut a really large hole in the bottom of the container so the roots could spread into the ground?

Hope this makes sense.



Yes - but then you might find the plants get much bigger than you actually want, or can reach to any necessary pruning, etc.

12 Sep, 2011


I agree with Bamboo. if the plants get their roots into the soil then the container becomes purely an ornamental 'skirt' around the plant.

12 Sep, 2011


And I just realised I answered 'yes...' but I didn't mean yes its a silly question, lol, but yes, they will grow bigger...

12 Sep, 2011


That is the answer I really wanted to hear, I have some long handled pruners, weeding is the main problem hence the use of containers

Hole cutting penciled in for this weekend.

Once agian thanks for the advice.

12 Sep, 2011


I think you can have great results with containers but they need(found to my cost) a little bit of planning,anything permanent needs a bit more than multipurpose compost and to be big enough for what you grow and the obvious you need to water more often and as mentioned nutrients are quickly used up.

14 Sep, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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