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By Tariq

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Ae

Hi, I got a Strelitzia by a South African friend from his garden in cape town. I live in Dubai and got a clump with four cut stocks and thick fleshy roots (he handcarried it by air). I have potted it in compost and am keeping in by the window indoors, in a 1x 1 ft pot. Care instructions please? Should i keep it indoors in AC or outdoors?



Depends on your temperatures there - it doesn't tolerate anything below 5-10 deg C (41 - 50 degF) so if your temperatures don't get that low, it'll be fine outside and in the ground I'd think. It will, though, need some shelter from extremely hot sun, particularly in the middle of the day. Needs fertile, well drained soil, bright light, shaded at midday...

12 Sep, 2011


I would call it 'Bird of Paradise' flower. They plant them by the road and in displays en-masse in South Africa, mainly in pots - they flower better in a pot as being root-bound helps them flower.

I would be more worried in keeping your plant moist, given the dry climate of Dubai and would certainly plant it outside (in a west facing position) and not in your apartment.

12 Sep, 2011


Welcome, Tariq! Here in Arizona, we grow it where it gets sun only in the morning, so an east-facing position is indicated, especially if the summer temps exceed 38ยบ C. It does like fast-draining soil, and a fertilizer high in nitrogen, low in phosphates, and with moderate levels of potash. If the soil is alkaline, compost, sulfur, and micronutrients would also be indicated.

14 Sep, 2011

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