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The leaves on my Skimmia have all gone yellow - I have made sure the plant is not dry, have fed and mulched. What else can I do to help - as I feel if the plant is vulnerable it may not survive the coming winter.



Yellow leaves tend to indicate over rather than under watering...

5 Sep, 2011


Skimmias prefer soil on the acid side, and also like some shade. You could try watering on some Sequestrene in case it's chlorotic.

5 Sep, 2011


Have you got your skimmia in a shady situation, partial shade being prefered, you could try feeding with ericacious feed and i find mulching with old pine needles works well on these and all the other acid loving family, is your skimmia a recent planting, either way be patient for greening up.

5 Sep, 2011


A quick rejuvenater is simply iron sulphate, which is a lot cheaper than ericacious feed. Last time I went for some there wasn't any & I used the ericacacious instead - and was very surprised to find it didn't work as well.
Skimmias need an acid soil in order to take up enough iron,without which they do go pale and yellow looking and will eventually die but giving them extra iron seems to be effective. Julien's pine needles help because they tend to acidify the soil. Coffee grounds will help too, but you need quite a lot to make much difference.

5 Sep, 2011

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