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I have a good crop of red peppers. Does anyone have any knowledge if they will keep in a freezer for later additions to soups etc.?
Alternatively, any good recipes known for chutney using red peppers?



I split them, remove seeds and freeze them-- and spare toms-( toms freeze like a 'snooker ball, take out of freezer & drop into boiling water, immediatly the skin will slip off-magic!) for spag bol etc, works well

5 Sep, 2011


Thanks Pamg, we`re used to freezing the toms but have never before attempted it with the peppers.

5 Sep, 2011


the'll go soft of course when thawed but I do it every year-- I've a good crop this year too, half are the long grill peppers and the others the multicoloured bell peppers, it smells lovely in the GH!

5 Sep, 2011


I also freeze spare peppers they are great for stir fries and pizzas.just slice and freeze in a bag.

6 Sep, 2011

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