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I have a large clump of day lilies which should be out by now. However the buds are very deformed and do not look as if they will open properly. I have removed a couple of the buds and looked inside where there is slime and lots of tiny maggots. Last year we had tiny black insects on the day liles which were impossible to remove with any of the sprays I used and in the end we scraped them off without fingers. At least we had some flowers last year but this year the infestation of whatever it is seems worse. Is there any hope of saving the lilies and what do you use to get rid of these things?

Desperate SG



I would spray them with an insecticide asap.

Provado is the best as it's systemic and has a long lasting effect (only needs an application bi monthly).
Spray in the evenings or when no sunlight will touch them again - and when there's no rain predicted.

14 Jun, 2011


my day lillies havnt flowerd yet either .

15 Jun, 2011


I have 1 flowering and all the rest are in bud and should be out in a week or two, Simbad has a few in flower already !

15 Jun, 2011


Thanks everyone. I thought that last year the day lilies took over from the yellow bearded iris very rapidly but perhaps they didn't. We have sprayed as suggested Louise so thanks. It seems to have worked quite rapidly because I have opened another couple of buds and no wriggly things. I think I have lost a lot of the flowers though(not all). Will spray at the first sight of deformed buds next year.


15 Jun, 2011

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