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how do i get rid of the catipilla's eating my rose bush?
There wont be any of it left by the time they through with it : (
Also will they hinder it from flowering?
Thanks. x

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Spray with an insecticide as soon as possible.
Provado is the best as it's systemic and a good drenching will lasy a couple of months.
Spray when the sunlight won't get on the plant or it'll scorch it.

14 Jun, 2011


Specifically, Provado Ultimate Bug killer ready to use spray, or Provado Ultimate Bug Killer 2 - these are rose sawfly larvae. Also spray the soil beneath the roses - preferably at dusk, after the bees have stopped working. If you're not squeamish, pick off the larvae (caterpillars) and kill them by hand.

14 Jun, 2011


that's good to know folks, thanks a bunch : )

14 Jun, 2011

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