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By Hhallen

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I have planted some merry gold plants and lilly.

some pest is eating the Merry Golds just leaving the stalk.
lillies are suffering.
I could not see any snails but still have put some snail pallets. Please help what is the cause and culprit and remedy



The Marigolds could be being eaten by snails or slugs.

The lilies could be being eaten by Lily beetle - very striking looking adult, red body, it's young hatch on the leaves and diguise themselves to look like bits of mud, in fact its their 'Pooh' they diguise thenselves with!! they need to be squished!

12 Jun, 2011


on the lillies do you have lily beetle i wonder? They are scarlet red and their larvae look like black blobs of goo (for want of a better description! Apparently they cover themselves in their own poop to disguise themselves (ugh comes to mind lol), if you see the adults squish em or spray with a bug spray, don't know what a merry gold is unless you mean marigold!

12 Jun, 2011


Oh snap put that on at exactly the same time as me!!!

12 Jun, 2011


Ha ha, great minds and all that!! ;)

12 Jun, 2011


Merry Golds! How sweet!

12 Jun, 2011

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