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i dont have a garden (shame) only a patio, i like to grow tomatoes in grow bags but last year woodlice were everywhere, under the bag, in the soil etc., i am sure that the tomatoes werent as good, any tips on keeping these woodlice away would be gratefully appreciated. Paul.



Woodlice don't usually do damage to tomatoes or other plants as they feed on rotting vegetation and wood. Every time I move a pot, and I have lots in my garden, there are hundreds of them underneath and I haven't noticed any damage. Carry on as usual with your grow bags and give the plants some tomato feed once in a while as the nutrients in the bags are bound to dissipate through watering etc. Happy tomatoing!

3 Jun, 2011


If you really don't like the woodlice, what about sitting your growbags on wooden pallets to keep them off your
decking, might reduce the numbers a bit!

3 Jun, 2011

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