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Does anyone have a Weed puller? Ive seen one by Friskars and I really want one as i'm quite tall and weeding really hurts my back. However as they are not cheap I'm not sure if I should go to the expense? Has anyone used one of these or know of a better one?

Many thanks



I bought one from QVC programme on tv, It's called 'Grandpas Weeder, and they are brilliant for getting even tough weeds out, no bending, or kneeling, they are brilliant. I bought one and posted it on my photos and another couple of members landed up buying one, and they agreed with me too. I think it was something like £15.99 plus P&P. I will check on that and come back to you. I certainly recommend them. Be back soon!

28 May, 2011


I was looking at these in the Garden Centre yesterday, although I am not tall, the cost put me off. I will monitor all your responses before I commit :))

28 May, 2011


Back again . Ive just checked and the price was £15.56 plus £4.95 P&P, but really worth it. If you go onto my blogs I have one on March 25th and you can see other members remarking on them. I have also put photos on demonstrating it. Hope this helps.

28 May, 2011


Thank you so much LS. I actually went and bought the Fiskars one. I ended up getting it for £22 because there was a special event on so I got lucky. I 100% agree these things are AMAZING! It just drags all the weeds out no effort involved, I love it! I may follow your link and get one for my Mum because I got the last Fiskars one today and as they usually cost between £30-£40 that will work out cheaper :O)

Scottish...................go get one as quick as you can they're fabulous!

28 May, 2011


Glad you got yourself one , especially at that brilliant bargain price. They certainly save all that back ache and aching knees....... Bet your mum would love one too. has she tried it yet?

28 May, 2011


HaHa no we were both waiting for the other to give in and buy one so we could try it..................I lost :O)

28 May, 2011


hello misscupcake i used to have a realy goodweed puller but then shewent and divorced me lol x x .

29 May, 2011


Good one Noseypotter hahaha! (lol)

29 May, 2011 mother told me that my son had seen them advertised and was going to buy me one as a christmas gift. I had better keep on kneeling 'til next year lol!!
NP: Your comment reminded me of the time I had a kitchen designer in to plan my new kitchen...he asked if I had a dishwasher and I told him I did, he asked what size. Expecting me to say 600cm, I asked my mother to stand up so the gentleman could measure her!!!! lol Lucky she had her sense of humour with her that day x

29 May, 2011


HaHa NP I would get yourself one of these.............. less hassle by the sound of it ;O)

Scottish I hope you have a comfy knee pad lol :O)

29 May, 2011


very good scotish you got to havea laugh lol xx and everyone else x .

30 May, 2011

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