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Hi, we have recently removed a massive phoenix palm tree from our small south facing front garden and we want to plant a small tree in the same place but we are anxious about planting another tree that will grow so big so fast. We are also concerned about roots affecting the house. It is a walled gravelled space aproximately 2m x 3m. I have been researching loads on the internet and initially wanted to plant an acer but now sadly understand that it's not a good idea because it is south facing. I have now set my mind on a Pagoda Dogwood ( cornus alternifolia ). I really need advice as to whether it is it suitable? I seem to find conflicting descriptions. If not, could you suggest anything else similar that would be more suitable please?
Thank you very much,

Kerry Clover



The Cornus you suggest is much too large to grow in such a small space. How about Phormium? P. Sundowner or Yellow Wave would be fine, these don't get very tall, only about 3/4 feet, though they do spread through the ground, so you may need to dig it out every once in a while, split it in half and replant one section. Otherwise you need to select from smaller shrubs, those with an eventual height of less than 4 or 5 feet at most, which like full sun, such as Cistus Peggy Sammons or C. corbariensis.

28 May, 2011

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