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By Sandz

Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I would like to introduce planting to my garden, but as you can see from the layout its quite a formal area.

Can you please suggest where I should plant as I like the idea of planting in groups, and would love an instant effect rather than weight for them to grow. I really want some height in the garden.

Any suggestions are welcome, open to all your ideas.

I did think of planting some trees; maybe 3-4 along the back fence to give some height and to soften the fence area. I would like a tree which is not a deep rooting tree but dont want conifers which will block out the sun when they get to 30 ft. Something tall with fine and delicate leaves perhaps??

Many thanks



Hi Sandz, I've had a look at your photos, your garden is very stylish and modern. I see that the white chippings go right up to the fence and make quite a narrow path. Were you thinking of scraping some of the chippings back to make a bed to plant the trees in? You may want to replace them round the trees when they're planted to match the small trees in the lawn. I think you'll get rather bored with separating the gloriously white chippings and the inevitable dead leaves, come autumn.
If wanted to plant the trees in planters, your choices are more limited.

17 May, 2011


verigated acer treesare quit lovley but i would have different trees or perhaps largeish shrubs . maybean ornimentle cherry or a fastia asthey grow surprisingly quick and quit big . i think as you have basicly a blank canvas itsworth drawing a basic plan ofwhat you want wear and how tall etc . do some research and dont rush into it . you could get the odd plant you like and keep it in the pot till youve got your plan . you could also vissit garden centres , look in the nieghbers and find out whats best for wear you are . its likeanything its all in the preperation . you need to think seriously weather your going to be there a long time or not so long and also realy think bnow about what you will want from your garden in the longrun eg have you got children , do you wanta pond , do you want vedge or just atractive plants . do you want it so itseasy to look after or do you want it to be laber intensive . if you take your time thinking and looking at other garden ideas and borrow them you wont think so much i wish id done that later when its much more difficult to change a stitch in time saves nine as the oldsaying goes . its a pitty you cant get to chelsea flower show and get inspired . you should take your camera to take pictures of thibngs you like . i guess you got the picture lol so ill stop running on . take care and i hope i helped .

18 May, 2011


There are lots of pretty trees with delicates leaves which you might want to try. These would be at the top of my list:

Rowan - you get the added bonus of pretty berries too - there are pink and white berried cultivars as well as the usual red ones.

Contorted willow, which as well as twisted stems which are attractive in winter, has pretty little twisted green leaves.

Sambucus nigra 'Aurea', a lovely golden-leaved elder.

Japanese Acers may work well - as Noseypotter says, the variegated ones look lovely, but there are lots of different kinds with different leaf colours.

I'd go for a group of three all the same for maximum effect. Be aware that any tall tree will have a big root system - they say that the spread of a tree's root system is usually one and a half times the height of the tree.

18 May, 2011


at least id say annies apart from fir trees and know doubt a few other trees to .

18 May, 2011


Hello Sandz, you could go down the Japanese route of look for your garden, indroduce Acers and boulders in groups also pots with box balls growing in them, also stone lanterns are beautiful and would look nice on your stones, take a look on here by going to the bottom of the page and press 'J'. or google for some ideas. Have fun.

18 May, 2011


Thank you to all the expert gardeners who replied to my question, definitely food for thought, and I now have some names of trees so will do my research now.

Thank you so much


18 May, 2011


your more than welcome sandra x.

19 May, 2011


Three or four small trees in pots trained as standards with ball shaped tops could look nice arranged along the fence. Lidl have some very nice specimens for about £6 each I think, though I couldn't find them on their website. Only standard olive trees at £14.99 each.
I saw Euonymus and Thuja and something else that I've forgotten (sorry, derrr!!)

19 May, 2011

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