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They say that plumbers have the dodgiest plumbing in their own houses, and I can confirm that the theory holds true for gardeners too!

I moved into a little farm cottage with my other half just over a year ago and both house and garden are very much a work in progress. The front garden is shared with a neighbour who isn't interested in gardening, just runs over the grass with the lawnmower every now and again in summer, so fortunately I've got pretty much a free rein with the planting. I'm working on filling the borders to the absolute brim with plants (mainly so I don't have to do so much weeding!).

The back garden is our own but it's more a working garden than an ornamental one - there are a few flowers, shrubs and a little cherry plum, but mainly it's a veg plot, storage area and muddy mess! We'll get it sorted out eventually - but having recently acquired a very cheeky little Border terrier pup, it might take some time!

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  • Woodland planting (Primula vialii, Heuchera, Pieris, Alchemilla etc)
  • Another young Hebe (Hebe pinguifolia)
  • Hebe babies! (Hebe pinguifolia)
  • Turk's cap lily (Lilium)

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Garden in Progress

Posted on 5 Jun, 2011 7 comments

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