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I have a slope in my garden that wont grow much on the right side apart from weeds - any advise on what to plant - It is full of builders rubble, in full sun, can get windy and is very hard dry soil, with clay in patches - Toying with making it a rockery but is a bit pricey




I had a very similar slope in part of my garden until I decided to terrace it. My initial planting on the slope was tall perennials and bushes at the bottom of the slope (to make it look less slope-like) with smaller bushes and perennials at the top.

Lavender will grow well in the dry sunny slope - say 20 of them over the slope will looks great, perhaps mixed with Rosemary.

I had to go down the terrace route as my children kept running down the slope, taking any plants growing on the slope with them. You also gain a large part of your garden back. It is not that much work to create a terrace, the only problem is finding a place for the displaced soil/builders rubble (you can use some of the rubble as drainage)

16 May, 2011


Thanks Kildermorie

yes a terrace would be great not sure if I could dig the rubble and hard ground though, I struggled to get a fork in the ground today let along digging a whole section! - I ended up chiseling a hole with a trowel and a mallet!!

Do you have a picture of hows yours ended up? I would love to see it.

Did you put in any little walls or anything to hold the next tier up?

My 3 boys also love running up and down the slopes!!

Lavender and Rosemary also sound good thanks for your help!

16 May, 2011


looks like a great place for a waterfall with butil liner and natural stonesto hide the liner . you could make it go S shape like they do with mountain roads and havea small pond at the bottom and at the top if you wanted leaving just a few little places for planting . its just an idea.

16 May, 2011


Thanks that would look nice but I have a 2, a 3 and a 5 year old whole are attracted to water like magnets! but maybe when they are older. I would love to put a slide down it!

17 May, 2011


well none of it would need to be deep at all but i can imagine you getting like a buffalo watering hole with your youngsters bless them . itwas just a thaught x .

17 May, 2011

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