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I have an un even patch of garden at the very back. Its about 16ft w x 9ft L. about a foot depth differance from one side to the other. I tried digging but found the raised side had lots of brick under the soil. How do I even it out so I can put a shed one side and red chipwood the other side for seating area 8ft x 8ft(cheaper than decking and less hassle)when entertaining, with wooden sleepers seperating the seating area from the shed and rest of garden.



You could fill in rather than dig out, build some sort of retaining wall on the low side, same height as the high side, if you have your shed on the built up side you can fill with hardcore, otherwise use topsoil just in case you may want to grow something in the future.
regards derek

15 May, 2011


you could do a similer thing as derek sais but with cement blocks on there side taccked up as high as you need .

16 May, 2011


thank you, you been a great help.

20 May, 2011


your more than welcome .

21 May, 2011

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