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Please can you help me figure out what this is attached to my 3 year old Irish yew

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Thankyou for your help so far, it is much appreciated. The tubular growths are definately not maggots or larvae, as they have no body structure. They have a powdery texture, and fall apart very easily. If you could get your thinking caps on again, i will relly appreciate the help. Thanks again.

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Look like bird poop to me there is some more on the supporting cane to the right of the photo

7 May, 2011


Maybe, but if this covering looks like lots of tiny balls glued together then they are the eggs of some bug. I don't know which or if it is friend or foe.

7 May, 2011


I don't know what you guys are seeing, MG and Bulba, but I can see what looks like maggot sized grubs of some kind - the one at the top, being pointed at, appears to have a solid white body at the bottom with some greyish/blackening on the top half, though it looks to be internal. I am unable to recognise what they are - common problems on Taxus are Black vine weevil and mealybug, and neither look like this or behave in this way. I'd pick 'em off and kill 'em, not knowing what they are - maybe someone else will recognise them.

7 May, 2011


If they are actually alive, which looking at the photo again I agree they are, yes remove and terminate with extreme prejudice. The yew itself looks awfully sad to me.

7 May, 2011

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