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Can anyone advise me what i can do to help my bottle brush bush? I have planted it in a sunny area water it regular but it seems to still be drying out.

On plant Callistemon



Callistemon like a sunny sheltered position, have you been giving the roots a good soaking at least once a week ?
I've mine in an extremely dry, hot and sunny spot and it needs a really good soaking every so often or it goes into its dormant state.

If the area's windy it'll dry out more.
How often and how much do you water it ?

7 May, 2011


Mine is in a sheltered position from the wind but in a good sunny dry area by the wall. I water it regularly everyday now. But am wondering if i should add a different feed to the bonemeal instead?

7 May, 2011


this might be water problem, but Idon't know how dry its been where you are. Best way to water is either to leave the hose trickling at the base for an hour once a week, or give it a couple of gallons, poured slowly round the base, once a week. How close to the wall is it planted? And was it perfectly green and healthy at the end of the winter?

7 May, 2011


Callistemons aren't real fond of bonemeal, anyway. In the UK, I would deep water a new one every 2-3 days, and gggrraadduuaallyy wean it off. Also make sure that it isn't planted too deep--Callistemons are among the most sensitive to that.

7 May, 2011


Thank you for your comments. I will give it ago starting today. Its been bugging me that I have not been able to help it much. I will try an upload a pic of it if I can.

I did not plant it to deep Tugbrethil, as the top part of the base of the plant is still visable. When i bought this plant the lable did state that I should feed it bone meal. If they are not fond of bone mean what els can i feed it?

Would it help if i dig out the plant and add more new soil to give it some more richness to the plant?

8 May, 2011


I doubt very much the state of your plant is connected to not being fed - they manage perfectly well without being given any special treatment, and remember, water is essential - that's what allows the plant to access and transport the nutrients it needs. Bonemeal as a feed for anything is pretty useless, it takes so long for it to break down that it virtually makes no difference to plants at all. Fish blood and bone is much better.

8 May, 2011


Funny you should say that i did buy some from my local But then got worried if i ended up doing somthing wrong with it.

I did infact check on a soil question on here, regarding the Bottle brush plant. Like the other person I purchased the same plant from B&Q. So I think from what i gathered on her question the soil needs "ericasious"as this was not stated on the lable. So am going to nip off to the shops and get some for my plant. Fingers crossed it might do th trick. (Can you tell i have no green fingers, bt hey am trying it out because i like gardens to be full of life and colour)

8 May, 2011


If gardens around you, or you yourself, already grow rhododendrons, camellias, skimmias and blue hydrangeas, then your soil acidity isn't the issue. What you haven't yet said is when you planted the Callistemon - if it was recently, water will be the most significant issue.

8 May, 2011


No i have not already grown rhododendrons, camellias etc. I bought the Callistemon from B&Q already with buds. Bought it home and planted it straight in the garden. Am a bit of a novice when it comes to gardening just started recently as a hobby.

8 May, 2011


If you did that just recently, planted it I mean, its definitely a water issue. If you've only just started gardening, can I suggest you go to my profile page (by clicking on my avatar), select blogs, and read the Watering for Beginners blog - don't worry, it's pretty short.

8 May, 2011


:o) Thank you Bamboo. I will check it out, but i think ill wait for the kids to be in bed first. Any helping advice is always welcome as i am here to learn from anyone who willing to share.

Now that you mention about the plants I had to check my garden again to make sure what is planted there. I do have a Rhododendron which was not doing so well. So i thought a change its position of where i planted it might help it. So would this be the soil or the water? As the Rhododendron was planted last year.

8 May, 2011


Water most likely, but when I mentioned growing that list of acid loving plants, I didn't only mean your garden, I meant other gardens in the area, because if lots of people nearby are growing these things successfully, then the soil is not alkaline.

9 May, 2011


Further to your advice I did do some homework. I could not see any Callistemons around in my area. I think I will probably ask one or two of my neighbour's, they seem to know what they are doing better then me.

I did however get the chance to read on your Blogs on "Watering plants". Silly thing is I already knew this but I still ended up for some reason never acted on it. As i thought everyone does it should be no problem. I think it will take a few years for me to pick up tricks and understand my garden needs.

9 May, 2011


Ha ha, well at least you're honest about not doing what you've been told is best. also check whether your neighbours successfully grow the other plants I mentioned, specially blue flowered hydrangeas - they're a sure indication of acid soil.

10 May, 2011


The flowered hydrangeas are in my neigbours garden and seem to be doing very well. I did take time out to walk around the streets taking time walking to work and checking out peoples garden flowers as i walked by. I have not seen a single Bottle brush.

13 May, 2011

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