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I have just bought two codayline plants in pots but do not have much room to put them in winter will fleece or a make shift green house be suffient thanks stephen thanks bamboo and nosey gardener but i iam still none the wiser about the temp/green house



therequite hardy so it should be fine .

5 May, 2011


sorry to totally disagree with you Nosey, but these plants do need protection in winter, particularly away from the balmy west or south of the country. During the last two winters, and the most recent one in particular, thousands of Cordylines have been killed, even mature ones 12 feet high. You'd need to fleece well at the start of winter, but if we have as bad a winter as the last one, their chances of survival are limited.

5 May, 2011


thats what i said trhat they do need protection even thow they are quit hardy . just got our wired crossed bamboo lol x .i ment to write the last bit but for some reasen i didnt . ive been busy . i totaly agree with you bamboo x .

5 May, 2011

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