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By Wraye

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have bought two honeysuckle plants - 2-3 litere pots growing on canes. This may be a very silly question (apologies) but when i plant it to grow up the house, do i leave the cane in? And does it need supporting to grow up the house? If so, how?
I'm very new to this - but would like my house covering with pretty flowers! The same applies for when I buy the clematis and possibly chocolate vine you have already advised. Many thanks



Honeysuckle does not cling to the wall, it twines round a support so it is usually grown up a strong trellis, strong being the important word as a mature plant can get very tall and heavy, and the last thing you want is for the trellis to rot or break and have to replace it and re-attach the plant - nightmare! Get a trellis that will last 20 years! You can leave the cane in position until the plant is growing through the trellis. Get the first section of the support fixed before you plant the honeysuckle and try to plant it at least a foot away from the house wall.You can add further trellis as the plant matures. One mature honeysuckle could eventually be enough for one wall of a smallish house, so don't put both yours near together!

Clematis will also need a trellis, but shouldn't get much taller than the height of your door. It needs its roots to be shaded so if you plant in a sunny position place a large stone or slab over the roots to shade them. There are several different types of clematis flowering at different times of the year - some need no pruning, some are pruned heavily in spring, and others are pruned later in the year, so shop at a good nursery and take their advice about which type you will find best.

18 Apr, 2011

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