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What can I do to stop the mice from eating my young pea plants, from under ground as well as above ?



I've been having the same trouble - I think almost every single bulb I've planted has been sniffed out and eaten. I found the answer is - mouse traps. I put out three every night and have caught lots of mice. I've now had 2 nights with not a mouse caught and no more tunnelling round the areas where I'd planted anemones, crocuses, chionodoxa, gladioli, tigridia, gladioli, you name it.

I use a sultana as bait in each trap. It's clean to handle, easy to push onto the pin and doesn't fall to bits or go off quickly. I'm sure traps are more humane than poison. With poison the mouse takes days to die, with a trap it's - "Oh wow, food" and bang, it's dead.

18 Apr, 2011


I roll all my peas and any bean seeds in paraffin or lamp oil before sowing. It deters the little bu''ers from digging them up and eating them even when the have germinated. It does no harm to the seed.

I had a problem in the polyt, and I spent days trying to catch the little gits. One of my traps disappeared, so I guess the little blighter was wearing it. The problem seems to have ceased.

19 Apr, 2011

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