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By Anthfez

wrexham, north wales, United Kingdom Gb

how do you grow potatoes from potatoes ?



Someone here on GOY was growing potatoes, I wonder why this person has not noticed your plea. Well, I had some potatoes growing too at one stage. I bought seed potatoes, which means, ugly and old looking big ones, with lots of "eyes" in and even some shoots. These ones you put into the ground and then eventually little spuds will emerge from that basic one. You'll see the green plants appear above the soil. Now I have forgotten, but I think when the plants die off, the potatoes will be ready to dig up. You'll get about 3-6 potatoes from that one, I think I remember it well, they were still attached to the big one. We love the little ones and boil, then fry them whole.
So if you want to multiply your own, I presume you just have to let some grow really big before you dig them up, then let those just ly somewhere in a dark place untill they will start shooting again. Good luck. But the best thing is to get some seeding potatoes from a farm somewhere.

14 Oct, 2008


hi anthfez
i have heard from gardeners that just plant any old seeding potato and get results.
i have always bought proper seed potatoes from a garden centre and followed the instructions.
maybe you could experiment with both types and see what happens, i would like to know how you get on .......steve

14 Oct, 2008


i;m new to growing anything but i did grow some potatoes last year from some that had shoots,then this year i grew some from seed potatoes i bought,i found the first ones from the supermarket best so i dont know why i'm told to buy seed,hope this helps.

14 Oct, 2008

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