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We have one of these which due to lack of light is some 5 metres high. Is is possible to cut this right back near to the groend to make a bushy shrub or will that kill it?

On plant Pittosporum tenuifolium



Best way of dealing with these to keep them in shape or to a certain size is to prune over annually in summer. As yours is so large, better to do it in stages, so take a third off this year and another third to a half next year. You can risk cutting it right down if you want, but it might not respond well to that.

2 Apr, 2011


I would suggest the 'one third per year' regime as well, starting this year as soon as all chance of frost in your area has passed. Make sure you give it a good general feed immediately after pruning and make sure it doesn't go short of water if we get a dry spell

2 Apr, 2011

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