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Are my clematis montanas dead? Ive got 5 of them and only one is showing new growth. The other 4 are a few years old and have no new growth on them. Am I being impatient?



the top growth may be dead but the root stock may not be. I am also awaiting new growth so I'm waiting until late april early may before i dig it out.

1 Apr, 2011


Hello cookygirl, some of the montanas i have come across recently, do appear to be dead, whereas others are all coming into leaf, possibly leave a little while longer just incase, i would check the stems at various points to see if any are healthy, if not and it is completetely brittle,then it may not be all doom and gloom, if you cut them back taking away all the dead growth, and water well you may get new shoots come up, this method has worked on occaisions for me so its worth a try. Julien

1 Apr, 2011

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