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By Hollsoo

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 bay trees which were in pots in a southerly facing position. I transplanted them to the garden last year in a easterly facing position. They now get the sun in the morning instead of the afternoon. The trees now look dead. The leaves have not dropped but they are all brown and are drooping like dead flowers. Are they rescuable?




Probably a result of the winter - they hate cold winds in winter, but hopefully yours aren't completely dead, though you may find they shoot from the roots at the base rather than higher up. Suggest you wait a while for signs of growth anywhere, then cut back when you can see where it is.

1 Apr, 2011


I had one trained as a small standard about four feet high which appeared to have been killed by a hard winter. I cut it down and it grew from the root, so now it is trained as a bush. If they survive it might be worth giving them some short of shelter in the winter - fleece perhaps?

2 Apr, 2011

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