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We are looking for a specimen plant to go on a 2ft x 2 ft tub on a west facing patio. Preferably with scented flowers. Max width 3 ft Max height 5 ft. Any ideas



Hello, two lovely plants here that look great in large tubs, and placed on a terrace or patio in the sun, Abutilon Thomsonii, varigated foliage with lovely orange flowers, or how about an Oleander, pink, red ,or white flowers with a beautfull scent, but will need protection in the winter so bring into a greenhouse or polytunnel.

26 Mar, 2011


How about a patio rose?

26 Mar, 2011


Japanese Maples (Acer Palmatum) look great in tubs. Several varieties have coloured bark, so have you have interest in winter following a spectacular Autumn display of reds, oranges and yellows. They need little care and are a pleasure.

For flowers, add some spring, summer and winter bulbs to the pot then you have a mini garden - again you gain the flowers and scent of your choosing with little work for it.

27 Mar, 2011


Almost anything goes into big tubs these days. But don't forget the management involved with some plantings if things go wrong with you or the plant. I am having to repot most of my stuff due to winter losses this year. Getting out old soil and repotting is not any easier as one gets older!!! My least troublesome big pot is colonised by one original Crinum donated by my brother. It looks fabulous in bloom. It rubs along with crocus and Ipheion. Perhaps a yearly planting is easier in the end. Friends have just done a deal with a garden centre on their Maples in huge pots. Aging aching backs, due to care needed to keep them in prime condition, dictated the decision.

27 Mar, 2011


West facing is a great situation for Camellia - but I'm having trouble thinking of something that would give 3 seasons of interest. The solution suggested by Kildermorie is a good one - Acers like a fair bit of shade, and the bulbs would give spring interest.

27 Mar, 2011


Many thanks for your ideas. Very much appreciated. We have decided to go for the acer and flowering bulbs. Really helpful. Happy gardening

29 Mar, 2011


Glad you've made your mind up what to plant in a big pot Carolyn I am trying a rose this time round with violas around it. This is so protection not needed over the winter, with ugly fleeced up pots on the patio. Any of my fuchsias that survive a winter like the last one, can be fleeced near the house wall, out of the way.

4 Apr, 2011

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