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Hello all hope you are all well... My question is this I have made a new round bed of 10ft for 15 Hybrid Teas roses but as my friend would like to walk into the roses to pick them when they are in bloom, I will be putting some small stepping stones in but I need some idea what I could fill the rest of the space as it looks so empty and I dont want anything bigger to take over the roses.... Any Idea's ????? Hope you see the pic




What a lovely setting!
I would consider short, compact hardy geraniums or aubretia as perennial cover, or pansies for annual cover. The perennials would need controlling so that you could still apply mulches and manure to the roses. I'm speaking as a complete amateur of course! I'll be interested to see what the experts have to say as I've just dug a little round bed big enough for 3 roses and have been mulling over the same problem!

25 Mar, 2011


1t would look nce w1th maybe some n1ce natural stepp1ng stones maybe1n a lose pattern and plant between them . just a thaught .

25 Mar, 2011


oops sorry hello lol .

25 Mar, 2011


10 ft. in diameter? I wouldn't put more than 8 or 9 hybrid teas in there, anyway--especially if you are making space for paths. Maybe some flowering annuals to fill in as the bushes grow, but they will fill the space to overflowing within the next year. After that, just a border of flowers.

26 Mar, 2011

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