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Scilla sibirica.

Here is a question for Bulbaholic(or any other expert). Can one propagate Scilla sibirica by twin scaling?



I don't know, Owdboggy, I have never heard of it being done. On the other hand, why? Scilla sibirica produces loads of offshoot bulbils, in our garden, which rapidly grow to flowering size and it also seeds around readily.

24 Mar, 2011


theoretically yes as long as there is a small section of 'basal plate' where the meristem cells are. but as BA says they self propagate readily.

are you up for a challenge? lets know how you get on as I'd be interested.

25 Mar, 2011


Ah well, the ordinary Scilla sibirica with the blue flowers does self seed around very nicely. We have a stretch with probably over 2,000 plants in it. However, the 2 very different forms which have appeared this year are a different matter. I do not know if they are true variations which will remain constant or if they are due to environment or weather, but if a true colour break then I would rather like to bulk them up quickly so as to avoid losing them.

25 Mar, 2011


Fair enough, Ob. I think that I would pot these two up and look for offshoots. In the meantime you could practice twin scaling on some of the regular ones.

25 Mar, 2011

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