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I have a Thames Cross plum tree and a Lizzie plum tree which are now 4 years old. Lizzie produces loads of fruit while Thames has at the moment got a few blossoms on just one branch. I was led to believe that these trees had pollination groups which were compatible...i know now that they are groups A and D which are not! I have bought a crab-apple tree- could this help?



Depends on whether they flower at the same time, really, but Thames Cross is supposed to be part self fertile.

21 Mar, 2011


They also need to bloom to produce fruit. Having a "pollinating partner" has no effect on whether or not a tree flowers, which is a function of age, and overall tree health. It sounds like your 'Thames Cross' is still a little too young to bloom well.
A crab apple tree won't pollinate a plum, but it will help attract bees to pollinate everything in the vicinity.

23 Mar, 2011


Thnx Bamboo and Tugbrethil, i know im a bit late with this but have had lots of work in my house so not been on puter!!!

18 Jun, 2011

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