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I had a small yucca plant that I planted in the garden a few years ago. It grew quite tall (approx 9 feet) and was a healthy plant which flowered regularly. I didn't treat it in any special way but it seemed to flourish and was a real statement plant.
This year however it seems to have died! All the leaves have fallen off just leaving trunks. Some of my neighbours plants look to be in a similar condition, however there are a few that seem to have survived.

Is there any explanation for this and is there anything that I could do to revive it?

From one very distraught yucca owner. (Sue).



Is it a yucca or a cordyline? Cordyline's have expired all over the country this winter, yuccas are hardier.

21 Mar, 2011


It'll be a Cordyline - google it for pictures to make sure. As Beattie says, its the severity of the winter that's damaged the plant. If its not got any rot present on the trunk anywhere, just wait -no doubt the growing tips at the top have been killed, but the plant may well put out new growth up the trunk somewhere, or from the base, or both - when it does, cut back to that point. If there is significant rot, particularly with orange oozing, you need to cut down beyond that point and then wait for new growth.

21 Mar, 2011


I'd be surprised if it was a Yucca because i've never known anything kill them !
There's an indestructable one on the garden behind me.

22 Mar, 2011

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