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does this banana look ok? Do you think it will grow? Its a golden lotus banana.




Looks ok for this time of year. Give it light, water and warmth and it will start into new growth.

You appear to have two in the photo. Are they both the same type?

21 Mar, 2011


no one is cavendish and that is growing great and the other is golden lotus.

22 Mar, 2011


It looks a little short on light right now.

23 Mar, 2011


i took the pic at night

23 Mar, 2011


Sorry, Tengered. I should have amplified that a little: the plant is showing symptoms of not getting enough light--i.e., long, narrow leaf blade that is revolute near the petiole, brown and yellow die-back at the tip of the leaf, delayed development of a new leaf, etc. If you could give it some direct morning sun, or put it in front of north window with no canopy or evergreen trees outside, within a meter of the window, that will probably help it to gain strength.

24 Mar, 2011


ok done that

24 Mar, 2011

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