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Does the Flamboyant bloom every year or season?



Hi welcome to GoY.

The question doesnt refer to any particular plant.
answer in the box below with the name of the plant you are asking about and we will see if we can help you :o)

11 Mar, 2011


SBG, I googled "plant The Flamboyant" and it suggested that Jjgrau1925 might be referring to Delonix regia which is known as "The Flamboyant Tree".

According to Wikipedia
"In the United States, it grows only in South Florida, Southwest Florida, the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, ranging from the low deserts of Southern Arizona (to as high as Tucson), Southern California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, where it is the official tree of the islands."

We don't know where the questioner lives, but maybe Tug will know the answer, if this is the right plant.

11 Mar, 2011


My RHS encyclopedia says it flowers spring to summer - doesn't say anything about it missing years.

11 Mar, 2011

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