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hi all i have lost my cordyline and was wondering if anyone could suggest an evergreen replacment that would be hardy in the uk for a half sunny spot in the midlands
thank you.



How about Trachycarpus fortunei - a proper palm, and it's fully hardy in Britain.

11 Mar, 2011


Yucca gloriosa has survived -12 here so that is also an option, but more slower growing and never as big. Trachycarpus also survived well.

11 Mar, 2011


What do you think of Trachycarpus wagnerianus...the miniature Chusan replace some lost Cordylines? I'm certainly thinking of those as I don't want anything too large?

Any comments Bamboo or anyone else?......:-)))

11 Mar, 2011


I'm so glad this popped up again - I suddenly remembered in the middle of the night that Trachycarpus used not to be recommended for northern gardens, but if Vincentdunn's survived, then its obviously pretty hardy, lol!
Izzy, worth a try, it's said to be hardy down to -17, but I note it does say 'copes well with winter if pot moved close to a wall' so make what you will of that, doesn't make sense to me.

12 Mar, 2011


thank you all so much i will look them up x

12 Mar, 2011

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