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By Roslil

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hello again everybody! I'm all ready to go and today started to tidy up the borders. The hard winter has claimed a few of my more tender shrubs but I have a 6 foot Griselinia that looks decidedly poorly! As it's quite a feature plant, and well established, I don't know what to do. Do I cut it back to healthier shoots - if there are any, Will it recover? Does anyone have any ideas for me please?

Grizzi_002 Grizzi_004



You're lucky it survived such a bad winter - it's not bone hardy, this plant. I'd wait at least another week or so, then cut out any dead, diseased or dying wood, see what you've got left and reshape the remainder, reducing the top growth that's left so the plant doesn't look too spindly and out of shape. It's used for hedging in milder areas, this plant, so won't mind being cut back, but it would be better to wait till we're nearer April to do it.

11 Mar, 2011


Mine looks even worse than yours, Roslil. I talked to the Nursery where I got it, and they said give it time as it may recover. I'm not convinced that it will, but I will leave it in for a few more weeks - and try cutting it back, too.

11 Mar, 2011


I notice your daphne is in flower though - send us a sniff!
I thought griselinia was hardy, so will remember in future! Good luck with it.

11 Mar, 2011


Thanks for your helpful comments guys! I'll do as you suggest. Steragram, the Daphne is a self set that appeared one spring about 10 years ago! Sadly my sense of smell has gone so I cant even describe it to you !

12 Mar, 2011

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