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I bought a christmas tree beginning of December the trunk had been cut so that there were no roots I drilled a hole in to a tree log and placed the fir tree in this log and the stood outside the bungerlow with christmas lights on but the tree is still outside and looks and feels better than ever is this normal and how long do you think it will last.
Alan Jennings Hastings



Tear a branch off and if it is green under the bark, then there is life still there. Sometimes evergreen trees keep their foliage for months even if dead.

The tree needs water and it is possible that the way you have it planted is allowing it enough to survive. The cold weather also means that it is using less water and nutrients than in growing seasons.

It will not develop enough roots (if it does root) to stabilise itself for a few years, so it will need support. You will also have to water it in the summer - every day as it will use up litres of water in the heat.

2 Mar, 2011


Thank you very much for your help & advice

3 Mar, 2011


summer when its warm is going to sort it out . you could be lucky . i personaly think so . xmas trees get a terrible deal realy .

4 Mar, 2011

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