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I am thinking of building a raised pond and raised beds out of reclaimed railway sleepers i intend having Koi Carp in the pond and vegetales and flowers in the beds I have been told that the creosote in the sleepers could be harmful to the fish and the plant life is this correct? if so what alternative materials would you recommend.
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The sleepers, by themselves, will not hold water to make a pond; therefore you will be using a plastic or fibreglass liner within them. This should act as a barrier to keep the creosote away from the water and protect the fish. Mind, I would suggest that you keep cheap goldfish for the first year before experimenting with expensive koi.
There have been many discussions on this site about creosote and vegetables. From childhood I remember seeing sleepers used as raised beds, but this was before creosote was considered dangerous. I would suggest lining the inside of the sleepers with polythene to form a barrier between sleeper and soil.

2 Mar, 2011


Or you could do what I did and buy new sleepers instead of reclaimed?

2 Mar, 2011


I have some reclaimed sleepers for over 10 years while they look good they are very slippery and downright dangerous if stepped on.
I know it has been illegal to sell/buy the old reclaimed creosoted sleepers for about 10 years so I think the reclaimed ones sold nowadays cannot have creosote in them? But you would need to check

2 Mar, 2011

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