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Tiny white pest in soil


By Val_joy

United Kingdom Gb

On digging up the germinated seeds from my bird feeding station, there are myriads of tiny white insects in the soil and they have spread to all plants, bulbs around area. What should I do to get rid of them or are they harmless?



Don't know whatyou've got but it sounds nasty, might be worth a spray with soapy water, with a dash of Jeyes fluid in.

1 Mar, 2011


Any chance of a photograph?

1 Mar, 2011


Don't be to quick to assume they are baddies, as Bamboo says a photo would be useful.

1 Mar, 2011


And keep the Jeyes in the bathroom cupboard!

1 Mar, 2011


there are many soil mini beasts that are unless you can identify it [a photo would help alot :o) ]dont try and poison them as you will do more harm than good.

1 Mar, 2011

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