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Bussy Lizzie SunPatiens


By Patrick

Fife Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

This year i'm going to try this new Hybred between New Guinea Impatiens & a wild one, has anyone tried it last year, if so any info, much appreciated.

On plant Impatiens



Found this exerpt that might help;

'.....recommend using SunPatiens only in areas with full sun in the afternoon or all day. If you have shade stick to standard impatiens - they're cheaper and more floriferous. Just like other impatiens, they do require quite a bit of watering, but I'll share a secret with you to make any impatiens flower more and stay shorter: Let them wilt between watering, and I mean let the tips hang down before you water. Since all impatiens are native to the equator they are used to only two seasons, hot/wet and hot/dry. If they start to dry out a little bit they kick into reproductive mode and will flower much heavier for you.

Another good thing about SunPatiens is if they do get too tall or big for you, give them a trim and they'll pop right back out'

5 Feb, 2008


Hi, Thank you for your help, Will follow your addvice.Thanks for sharing your secrets, Think you've hit the nail on the head last year I tried New Guinea Impatiens it was a disaster to much rain not enough sun. Much appreciated.

6 Feb, 2008

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