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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

Help, I have mouldy coir pots. I have potted garlic in wee coir pots as I was too late to plant out. Following advice from tv and books I thought I'd start them in pots to plant out in March/April. I have about 20 coir pots standing in a newspaper lined seed tray. I watered them in and popped them in the cool garage in a window (temp range 2-10oC a frost fighter heater kicks in at 2oC). I checked them yesterday and all the pots are growing a white /grey mould on the outside. Should dump the pots a transfer the cloves and compost to a plastic tray?




I am no expert on this but if it were me I would move them to new pots or to a new tray

11 Feb, 2011


I think that coir pots are rather like peat pots and are designed to break down when wet. The idea is to plant your seed/cloves in the coir pot and later put the whole pot into the ground? In this case I would not be surprised at a white mold on the outside of the pot, though it does possibly indicate that they are too wet. I would leave them as they are and be aware that the pots will be very fragile when you plant them out - it will not be long now.
There, two opposite answeres already, Pam - coin tossing time :-)

11 Feb, 2011


Lol whadda dilemma. Yes they are the rot-able pots. They did get too wet, due to the cool weather they haven't dried out - it's weeks later since planting and the pots are still moist but the compost is what I would consider just right - vaguely damp.

If the cloves had sprouted at all i'd be comfortable to leave them a bit but there is no sprouting at all. Not sure when I should expect to see sprouting at that temperature?

11 Feb, 2011


Where did you get the garlic cloves from, Pam? If mail order or from a garden center, were they plump and firm when you planted them? If from a grocery store, be aware that some brands of garlic are treated to prevent sprouting, and will be a disappointment when planted. If planting garlic from the grocer, best to look for those little green sprouts coming out!

12 Feb, 2011


These were from Dobbies (Christo) so bought for planting. They were lovely plump and firm - I checked one in the pot and they are still firm.

12 Feb, 2011


Still hope, then. I would give them a little more warmth, if possible. Possibly no harvest until 2012, but you can use some of the leaves, until then.

12 Feb, 2011


Ok I'll bring them into the house. Thank you!

12 Feb, 2011


Thought I'd add an update to this question, as a beginner I find questions and answers and always want to know what happened next - success or not?

I planted them out on the 27th Feb - the pots were speckled with white mold and on closer inspection the white papery covering of the clove was a wee bit mouldy but it was easily brushed off. The roots had found little resistance in the pot so were spread far and wide on teh newspaper lining of the tray.

Since planting (in a very sunny spot) with a bit of fish, bone, blood and home compost they seem to be flourishing. They have jumped from about 1-2 inch sprouts to 3-4 inch - I'm hopeful! Will add a final post at harvest for the benefit of beginners like me :)

11 Mar, 2011


Hope they do well for you, Pam.

11 Mar, 2011

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