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Anyone able to reccomend a fast growing bushy plant to go behind trellis and act as screening, preferably with flowers in summer ??



Buddleia davidii or one of the shrubby Lavateras, such as 'Candy Floss - drawback is, both will need cutting down in March or April each year, so that means no foliage for about 6 weeks afterwards. Lavatera will grow to about 6 or 7 foot in a season, Buddleia to about 10 feet.

11 Feb, 2011


Escallonia is a small leafed evergreen with white or red flowers in summer and grows quickly. Very tough plant that grows almost anywhere. If if goes too tall or a bit leggy can be pruned to give it more shape and make it more bushy.

11 Feb, 2011


Photinia Red Robin grows quite fast, is bushy and would make a good screen. No flowers though, so you might need a Clematis, for example, as well.

11 Feb, 2011


Actually it does flower, Sheila, and very nice it looks too when it does - but it only does it if you don't keep it pruned.

11 Feb, 2011


Many Ceanothus grow fast, "Concha" for one. Evergreen with lovely blue flowers but these are in spring, not summer.

11 Feb, 2011

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