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why firm compost when filling pots



It gets rid of airpockets so that the roots can get a firm hold and also of course nutrition.

8 Feb, 2011


As Spritzhenry says. But don't be too firm, you don't want to compact the compost. I used to tamp it down with a piece of wood but now prefer to simply sharply tap the base of the pot onto the bench after filling it.

8 Feb, 2011


And don't forget to water before planting as the compost will sink. Welcome to Goy.

8 Feb, 2011


Better to water your compost prior to putting in the pot.

8 Feb, 2011


On most plants, I water the compost before planting, so it is moist enough to absorb the water I put on after planting, but it isn't soggy and clumpy. While planting, I tap it--as Mr. B says--and firm lightly with my fingers--or a chopstick, with cactus! After planting, I soak the container three times to eliminate air pockets, and finish settling the soil. I used to tap the pot during the first watering, but I have found that that "puddles" the soil, and compromises drainage.

8 Feb, 2011

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